EMUG Presents – Addressing BYOD By Securing Identity with Anthony Bartolo

Business Mobility Solutions – Addressing BYOD By Securing Identity


October 22, 2014 – 6:00 PM

NAIT Room X111

Users now perform their day-to-day work functions by using more than one device and OS. Users may have a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet device, and/or smart phone. Operating systems could include Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and others. Some of these devices may be owned by the organization they work for, while others may be personally owned. Also, users need to be able to work from any place at any time. Because of these changes in how users perform their job functions, IT organizations are shifting from performing device-centric management to people-centric management. This session will cover scenarios delivered through Microsoft’s Business Mobility Solutions offering and will showcase how they come together in real-world implementations.