EMUG 2015/2016 Executive

The EMUG Executive team is pleased to announce that for the 2015/2016 season we will have some changes!

In light of some exciting family news, Adam McDougall will be stepping down as President for this term. Instead he will be struggling to cope with the impending birth of his FOURTH child.
Adam will remain on the executive in the Past-President role and will be involved as much as he can in the event planning.

Thomas Rayner (formerly EMUG Vice-President) has graciously agreed to take on the Role as President. In a short time frame, Thomas has proven an able leader and is recognized as a Microsoft PowerShell MVP.

A familiar face will be filling in the role of Vice-President. Henry Bosch will be assisting Thomas in this role.

A huge thank you to all three for dedicating their time and energy into the continued growth of the Edmonton Microsoft User Group.